Top 30 文书导​师


Stanford University

BS, Mathematics

BA, Philosophy

Eric Segal

Eric Segal is a 2005 graduate of Stanford University, where he studied mathematics (B.S.) and philosophy (B.A.). He later attended the Colorado School of Mines, earning an M.S. in Energy Economics in 2012 and receiving special recognition for outstanding performance. As evidenced by his educational background, Eric's interests and knowledge span a variety of subjects. His professional background is also wide-ranging, and includes experience as a legal assistant, research assistant, and management consultant. In these roles and others, his excellent written and spoken communication skills contributed greatly to his success.

Eric recognizes that learning to speak a foreign language is difficult, and that learning to write in a foreign language can be even more challenging. He believes, however, that the reward is well worth the effort. Strong language proficiency enhances critical thinking skills and improves one's ability to clearly articulate thoughts, both to oneself and to others. For these reasons, he has worked diligently to improve his own communication skills, and he is excited about the opportunity to help others do the same.

North Carolina State University

PhD, Computer Science

MS, Computer Science

Alicia Washington

Dr. Alicia Washington received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. Her research initially began in the area of performance modeling of traffic-groomed optical networks. Over the course of her 11-year career, she this has expanded to include research in computer science education. Dr. Washington has over 15-year experiences in technical and non-technical writing and editing. She is the author of several college-prep books, including “Prepped for Success: What Every Parent Should Know About the College Application Process” and “Stay Prepped: 10 Steps to Succeeding in College (and Having a Ball Doing It)!” She regularly conducts workshops and interviews on college prep planning, financial aid, and successfully navigating the college experience. Her experience with the college admissions process and successfully completing college is based on her experiences as well as those of the students she's taught in over 10 years of experience in higher education. She is a native of North Carolina.


University of Massachusetts Medical School

Doctor of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University

Master of Public Health

Sylvie Stacy

Sylvie Stacy is a preventive medicine specialist with experience as a writer and editor for medical education publications, peer-reviewed journal articles, text books, and health & medical website content. She is passionate about improving the delivery of healthcare and preventing disease in patients and populations. Having undergone numerous application processes throughout her training, she has a solid knowledge of how writing can influence one's opportunities as a student and a professional.

When not writing or practicing medicine, Dr. Stacy enjoys the great outdoors, cooking, and spending time with her husband.


University of Manitoba

PhD, Biochemistry and Medical Genetics

Katherine Dunn

Katherine won more than 20 academic awards and honours at the university level. She completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the University of Manitoba in 1999 and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Medical Genetics in 2007. Her doctoral thesis, focused on aspects of molecular biology in cancer, won the Simon and Sarah Israels Graduate Thesis Prize for the best-written thesis out of the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology.  After winning the Governor General's Gold Medal for academic achievement at the graduate level in 2007, Katherine moved to Boston, Massachusetts to conduct research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, associated with Harvard Medical School.  During her term there she won highly competitive fellowships from the American Brain Tumor Association and the Canadian Cancer Society to conduct cancer biology research in collaboration with Harvard professors. Katherine has authored 2 book chapters as well as 11 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals. She currently works as a writer and editor.


Harvard University

MA, History

Chris Kado

Chris Kado is a graduate student at Harvard University, where he is working towards his Master's Degree in History. During his time at Harvard, he has taught classes at the K-12 level, worked as an ESL and college admissions tutor for international students and performed research for a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Chris understands the importance of clear communication and effective writing. He currently works with students in China using Skype, WeChat or Google Hangouts in a variety of subjects. Most of his work involves preparing for the TOEFL writing and listening portions and he's also helped many students prepare for the SAT, SSAT, ISEE and subject exams. For the past five years, he has also worked in essay editing, college readiness.


University of California--Berkeley

MS, Financial Engineering

Michael Noah

I have worked as an academic writer for the last four years. I have a wealth of experience and I assure you of quality work and timely delivery. I hold a bachelor's degree in Financial engineering from UC Berkeley, the course entailed a lot of research and critical thinking; skills that have utilized to help clients in different fields of study. Kindly let me ace your work, I possess the skills and the enthusiasm to assure your success. 

Princetion University

Master of Public Administration

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

BA, Political Sciences

BA, Journalism and Mass Communication

Stephen Lassiter

Stephen Lassiter is a Master of Public Affairs (MPA) candidate at Princeton University. His writing and editing experience spans from high school instruction to U.S. politics. In the 2016 campaign cycle he served as the Foreign Policy Director to a U.S. presidential candidate, drafting speeches and Op-Eds placed in national media outlets. From 2011-2014 he served as a Senior Legislative Assistant to a prominent U.S. Congressman, drafting and editing official correspondence and Op-Eds published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN. He also served as a Legislative Correspondent for a U.S. Senator. Prior to working in politics, Stephen taught writing and International Baccalaureate English at a private high school in the Middle East. One of the most rewarding parts of that job was reviewing the college essays of his students who were admitted to top-tier universities including Harvard and Yale.


University of California-Berkeley

Mater of Business Administration

Margaret Wong

My academic background includes a B.A. degree in English from a top-ranking college, and an M.B.A. degree in Marketing from the University of California, Berkeley. Although my parents are from Shanghai, I grew up in the U.S., so I speak English like a native. With an excellent command of the English language and very strong writing skills, I have helped many students, especially students from abroad, write better, more polished essays. I would be honored, and very happy, to use my writing and editing skills to help as many students as I can to achieve greater success in their academic careers, and to gain admission to the college of their choice.

University of Melbourne

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

University of Tennessee

MS, Animal Science

Suzanne Booker

Suzanne is currently a clinical practitioner of veterinary medicine and is deeply passionate about scientific and creative writing feeling it the most effective way to educate scientific and lay communities about complex and important scientific issues.  She earned her DVM from the University of Melbourne, an M.S. in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Cincinnati and has worked in a variety of different professional setting including veterinary medical clinics, research labs, and zoological institutions.  When she is not working, reading, or writing, she enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and kayaking.

University of Michigan

Master of Business Administration

Sean Jensen

Hi, I'm Sean Jensen, business professional, writer, editor, and a University of Michigan fan nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas. I've been writing and editing papers since the 1st grade, where I crafted an elaborate tale about Turkey Bettis' big Thanksgiving Day on the gridiron. I've since grown up, but have not lost my passion for writing. I apply that fervor and creativity as an editor helping students with papers and preparing for interviews. I help students discover potent and original ways to speak and express themselves and their ideas. My contributions to their work aim to make them stand out, gain recognition, and reflect their ideas and beliefs with passion and quality.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PhD, American Literature

University of Chicago

MA, English and American Literatures

Philip Kowalski

Philip J. Kowalski holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Arts in English and American literatures, and a Doctor of Philosophy in American Literature. He has taught extensively at the college and university levels, and he has been Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Wake Forest University, Lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Senior Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has also tutored students for the verbal section of the SAT as well as in all subjects for the GED in both English and Spanish. He is also a researcher, writer, and editor for projects that span the disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, and the hard sciences.

University of Minnesota

Juris Doctor

Michael Petre

I am a recent law school graduate and would be glad to provide writing and editing help any who choose to ask for it. I studied English and Political Science as an undergraduate, which required extensive written work, including three theses on topics ranging from modern American poetry to the United Nations Environment Programme project in the Sudan. I have refined my writing and editing skills further throughout law school, particularly as a lead editor of Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice. My college degree in Political Science and English and my law degree have given me the knowledge and experience to improve your writing. I hope to hear from you soon!

Yale University

MA, East Asian Studies

Middlebury College

BA, East Asian Studies and Japanese

Tammy Young

Tammy Young is a children's librarian, author, and freelance writer in Connecticut, USA. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies/Japanese from Middlebury College and earned a Master of Arts from Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in East Asian Studies.

Following several years teaching junior high, she moved into the librarian position she holds now, where she continues to coach students in writing and research. After publishing several novels and articles for children under the name Tammy Young Cote, she embarked on a career as a freelance writer and editor, where she puts her experience in writing and publishing to good use for clients all across the globe.


University of Pennsylvania

Master of Business Administration

University of Pennsylvania

BA, Sociology and Psychology

Mary Dungan

Mary Dungan has been a financial writer, editor and supervisory analyst for more than 10 years. She has extensive financial-services industry experience as an international banker, securities analyst, and sales trader. 

Mary attended The University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate and the Wharton School as a graduate student. Her articles have appeared in BusinessWeek online, Asia Times, India Times, and numerous other online business publications and websites. 


Georgetown University

MA, Latin American Studies

Melinda Lewis

Melinda Lewis has taught English as a Second Language to children and adults for three years in the United States and Europe. In addition, she has written hundreds of blogposts and has been the editor for an entertainment blog.  In this capacity, she was responsible for researching, writing, curating, editing and publishing engaging content to a global audience on a regular basis.  Her areas of expertise include travel, entertainment, marketing and international business.  She speaks fluent English and Spanish with an intermediate understanding of French.

University of British Columbia

PhD, Language and Literacy

Chelsey Hauge

Dr. Hauge offers editing services to students writing papers in the social sciences and humanities. Dr. Hauge has worked for many years as a professional editor, and has special expertise in working with second language learners. A Professor of English, she is excited to help you take your writing to the next level.

College of William and Mary

MS, Biology

Cornell University

BS, Animal Science

Emily Blink

I have a Master's in Biology from the College of William and Mary and a Bachelor's in Animal Science from Cornell University. While I was in graduate school, I taught a writing course to undergraduate and graduate students. I currently work as a science writer. I have worked as an educator in labs, museums, zoos, and classrooms. I love finding cool, real life examples of science to get people excited about the topic. In my free time, you can find me inside reading and writing, or outside photographing a great hiking spot.


University of Illinois

PhD, History

Gregory Stroud

If English is your second language, and you require professional help, either for business or academics, I have more than a decade of experience working in and around the higher rungs of American academia, publishing, and theater. I am a published writer, a Ph.D. in history, and a former professor at Bennington College, where I taught history and literature. I have years of professional experience writing, reviewing, and revising a wide variety work including student essays and applications, academic articles, grant proposals and speeches. I served as a peer reviewer for the National Endowment for the Humanities, edited for the leading academic journal in my field, and graded countless university-level papers. I am happy and able to help you not only with grammar and organization, but also with unwritten rules of expectation and etiquette which can be troublesome for non-native speakers.

Fordham University

PhD, Psychology

Georgetown University

BA, English Literature

Christopher Smith

Dr. Christopher Smith currently serves as the Director of Scholarships, University Relations, and Research at a national non-profit organization operating out of New York. He is responsible for the strategy, management, and implementation of all of the organization's scholarship programs and scholarship management services. From 2012 to 2015, he served as their Director of Research and Program Evaluation, where he measured the impact of their programs, and reported on trends in education and policy. Previously, he worked as the Program Director of Evaluation Services at The After-School Corporation (TASC), where he managed the evaluation of over 60 federally funded after-school programs. He has previously served as the Newsletter Editor and Membership Director for the American Educational Research Association’s Out-of-School Time Special Interest Group.

Christopher holds a B.A. in English Literature from Georgetown University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from Fordham University.

Columbia University

Mater of Public Administration

Columbia University

BA, Economics and Philosophy

Babajide Adebayo 

Jide graduated from Columbia University in New York with a BA in Philosophy and Economics and a Master's in Public Administration through an accelerated 5 year program.

Jide has worked in various fields ranging from software development to public policy and held many leadership roles while attending Columbia. When it comes to interests, Jide loves playing pickup basketball, board games, hanging out with his dog, coding and writing fiction. Jide is enamored with all genres of fantasy and sci-fi. Incessantly and indiscriminately immersing himself in the inventions of the mind, he indulges in tales and wonders spoken through any medium that he can find.


London School of Economics

MS, Global Economic History

University of Wisconsin

BA, Economics and International Relation

Brad Steiner

Brad Steiner has 10 years of experience as an editor, writer, and journalist for academic journals, news magazines, and non-fiction book publishers. Clients and publications include National Geographic,, The German Foreign Ministry, China Economic Review, Global Policy, and The Berlin Journal. He completed undergraduate studies in economics and international relations at the University of Wisconsin. He also holds graduate degrees from Universität Leipzig in Germany and the London School of Economics.


Ohio State University

Juris Doctor

Amy Pennza

Amy Pennza is a full-time writer and editor with ten years of experience helping people and businesses get their messages across in print. She is also a licensed attorney who practiced law for eight years. Her work has been published online and in print.


The University of Georgia

PhD, Psychology

Dave Cornell

Dr.Dave Cornell is a former university professor from the United States, where he taught courses in Psychology, Education, and Human Resources. 

Dr. Cornell can help students with essays and papers, including advanced subjects such as research design and statistics.


University of California-Berkeley

MA, Education

University of York

BA, English

Ilanna Mandel

Ilanna Sharon Mandel is a dedicated and successful writer, researcher with an abiding interest in and devotion to healthcare and social issues. She has worked on numerous projects that feature the social determinants of health such as poverty, disability, gender, aging, and access to healthcare. Ilanna has worked with some of the most noted healthcare organizations in North America on important research projects.  She is also a published author in both fiction and non-fiction books, magazine articles, short stories, blogs, e-content, and newspaper/journal articles.

Midwestern University

Doctor of Pharmacy

University of Michigan

Pre-pharmacy studies

Josephine Hao

I am a clinical pharmacist by training and have worked in the medical field for more than ten years in various settings. Wanting to spend more time with my three young children, I decided to become a freelance editor for students and researchers in the healthcare industry. I have helped many clients prepare graduate theses and dissertations and publish papers in professional journals.

I also love to read, and fantasy/science fiction is my genre of choice. I have a passion for great storytelling which allows me to help authors polish their fiction novels. In addition to helping self-publishing authors, I am contracted with a small publishing company as both a substantive and acquisitions editor. When not editing, I write book reviews for an award-winning fantasy blog based in the United Kingdom.


West Virginia University

Doctor of Musical Arts

University of Connecticut

MA, Music

Lenny Cavallaro

An accomplished pianist, Lenny Cavallaro earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree (D.M.A.) from West Virginia University. Although he no longer concertizes, he has had eight volumes of his original compositions published.

Cavallaro teaches English at Northern Essex Community College, where he has served since 1998. He was also a journalist for a dozen years, associate editor of a journal for nine, and literary agent for eight. In addition, he is the author, co-author, and/or credited editor of more than a dozen titles currently on Amazon and a regular contributor to Stay Thirsty Magazine.With over twenty years of editorial experience, Cavallaro is excited to work for ApplyUniv.

Northwestern University

BS, Journalism and Political Science

William Hicks

William is a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. He has interned at the Tampa Bay Times, Florida's largest newspaper, writing published local articles in Clearwater, Fla. He also participated in a school program where he wrote political stories on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., interviewing legislators and federal officials, and writing about national politics. He currently works as a freelance writer, writing legal blog articles for law firms and blogs on various other topics for local Chicago tech startups.


University of California-Los Angeles

BA, Comparative Literature

Vanessa Finney 

Vanessa Finney studied world literature at UCLA and nonfiction writing at Antioch University in Los Angeles. She has worked as an editor and freelance writer for over a decade, and is a former ESL tutor. She loves studying languages and hopes to someday be trilingual. So far, she has taken one year each of college-level French, Italian and Spanish!


University of Edinburgh

MS, Creative Writing

University of California, Santa Barbara

BA, Economics and Film Studies

Dima Alzayat

Dima is a professional writer and editor with over ten years of experience. Her articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Flaunt, The Skinny, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, and Variety Arabia. Her fiction work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Bridport Prize Anthology, and Enizagam. She was the recipient of a 2013 Highly Commended Bridport Prize and was shortlisted for the 2014 Scottish Book Trust's Callan Gordon Award for New Writers. She holds an MSc in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh.


University of Michigan

BS, Chemistry

Todd Potoczak

Formally educated at the University of Michigan, I come to you with an exceptional grasp of the English language.  From a very young age, I have always loved to read. Blessed with an exceptional memory, I have retained much of the information to which I have been exposed.

I have worked in the chemical industry my entire post collegiate career, and writing has always been a part of my duties.  From reports, to operational procedures, to safety manuals, my written word was honed by experience.  In recent years, my writing has branched out into other subjects in which I take an interest.  I have written health and wellness articles, as well as on other scientific subjects, product reviews, and even short fiction.

Experience in writing has also given me equal exposure to editing and proofreading.  I have had to refine all of my own works, and have become very adept at catching the most subtle of mistakes.  I look forward to working with you.


University of California-Los Angeles

BA, English

Anneta Konstant

Anneta Konstantinides is a full-time general news reporter for a national online news website and a pop culture and television freelancer on the side. She graduated magna cum laude from UCLA in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Film & Television studies. Anneta has since worked as an intern for popular entertainment news trade magazine Variety, as well as a political intern for ABC News in Washington, D.C. She then received six months of general news training in England before she began working in the New York office of the Daily Mail. Anneta has been editing papers for friends and acquaintances since she was a high school student, and went on to do it professional as an Arts & Entertainment editor for UCLA’s award-winning newspaper The Daily Bruin. She continues to be sought out today to edit college applications and graduate personal statements.


University of Santa Monica

MA, Spiritual Psychology

University of California-Berkeley

BA, English Literature

Suzanne Potts

After receiving a BA in English Literature, I worked for over two decades in the film industry. While working as a creative executive for Sony Pictures, I had the opportunity to analyze hundreds of scripts, which gave me the ability to recognize clear, concise, powerful writing. I left Sony to develop and teach a writing workshop, which ultimately lead me to my current career.  

As a professional ghostwriter and editor, I have worked on nonfiction books that cover a range of topics from personal transformation, healing from chronic illness, and forgiveness, to weight loss, and healthy eating. In addition, I have written and edited books, screenplays, teleplays and film treatments in a variety of genres including drama, comedy, science fiction, and fantasy.


Northwestern University

BA, Philosophy

Jake Romm

I'm a recent graduate from Northwestern University (currently ranked as the 12th best university in the U.S.) with a B.A. in philosophy. As a philosophy major, I had extensive experience writing and editing essays. Philosophy requires extreme precision of language, as the slightest mis-phrase can completely change the meaning of a sentence, so I am always meticulous with my words, as well as the words of others. I have won awards for my writing and have presented papers at conferences. I would love to help you take your writing to the next level. 


University of California-Los Angeles

BS, Neuroscience

Sidney Chan

Sidney Chan is a graduate of UCLA, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. She has worked as a research assistant at a neuropsychiatric lab since 2014, and has substantial experience in writing and reviewing scientific papers. In addition, Sidney has helped her peers edit their essays in a variety of courses, ranging from introductory comparative literature to advanced university composition. She is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest honor society for the liberal arts and sciences in the United States.

A native English speaker, Sidney is passionate about learning languages, and understands many of the challenges, which come with learning a foreign language. She looks forward to helping English learners achieve greater analytical and persuasive writing skills.


University of California-Berkeley

BA, Gender Studies

Melissa Ramirez-Medina

My name is Melissa. I am a Southern California native and a graduate of the University of California Berkeley. I have been passionate about writing as long as I can remember. My love for helping others uncover their own writing potential began my freshman year at UC Berkeley when I was hired as a writing tutor for fellow Cal students. As someone who grew up bilingual, I am very dedicated to helping non-native speakers of English find their voice. I look forward to working with you! 


University of Chicago

BA, History

Liz Euller

Liz Euller is a Senior Program Assistant for a non-profit organization in Washington D.C.  She currently provides support, including writing and editing, for studies focused on technology and policy assessments in the energy field. She worked previously for the Environmental Law Institute, The Wilderness Society, the Chicago Botanic Garden and the University of Chicago Survey Lab.  Her academic background is in urban and environmental history and politics with extensive writing and research experience.  She has a B.A. in History with Honors from the University of Chicago.


Columbia University

BA, Creative Writing and English

Theo Papageorge

Theo Papageorge studied Creative Writing and English at Columbia University, where he was trained extensively in the personal essay format. Since graduating, he has helped countless students get accepted into top-tier schools, assisting them with the formulation, drafting, and editing of their application and academic essays. He has also created and revised many other types of written works, including resumes, advertising copy, and even a screenplay.

Columbia University

Master of Public Health

Eman Faris

Eman Faris is currently pursing her Master of Public Health at the elite institution of Columbia University in the City of New York. Ms. Faris has extensive experience in research and grant writing. She has worked as a mentor and tutor to assist her peers in her college English courses for over three years. Additionally, Ms. Faris has also worked as a part time writer and editor of several blogs and newsletters for student organizations that she was a part of. Her command of the English language and understanding of the importance of grammar and diction has allowed her to succeed in her own life as a student, and also assist others in achieving their goals as well. She wants to continue this passion by assisting clients write the best papers and essays they need to succeed. Having gone through the application process herself, and being accepted to every graduate school she applied to, she knows exactly was graduate admission officers are looking for. She is excited to serve as a great resource for everyone out there looking for help."

Columbia University

MA, International Affairs

Stewart Lawrence

Stewart J. Lawrence is a published scholar and policy analyst with 25 years of professional experience.  In recent years, he has served as a private consultant to several federal health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control, HRSA, and SAMHSA, and to the Department of Defense and the World Bank.  Since 2008, he has also been a regular contributor to several online news magazines, including The Guardian (UK), The Huffington Post, Counterpunch, The World and I, Daily Caller and the National Monitor. His work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor and Politico. He obtained his BA in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and his MA in International Affairs from Columbia University. 


Fordham University

PhD, MA, Philosophy

New York University

BA, Philosophy

David Schwartzberg

I graduated with honors from New York University in 2008, with a major in philosophy and a minor in creative writing. I then proceeded to earn an M.A. in Philosophy in 2008 and a Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2016, both from Fordham University. My dissertation on Deleuze and Guattari’s theory of subjectivity received high praise from the faculty on my defense committee for the clarity of my writing. While at Fordham, I also had the opportunity to work for one year at the Student Writing Center and to teach five years of writing-intensive undergraduate coursework, six courses of Philosophical Ethics and four courses of Philosophy of Human Nature. Besides philosophy, I have a particular familiarity with psychology, sociology, political theory, and literary theory, and I have worked with hundreds of students on personal statement pieces.


University of Toronto

MA, English

Angela Milano

Angela is a Toronto-based licensed English, ESL, and Social Science teacher. She has a Master's Degree in English, a Bachelor of Education, TESOL Certificate, and a Bachelor of Arts. Angela has taught in both university and secondary levels with students ranging from teenagers to adults. She has edited and proofread various pieces of writing for her students and peers: essays, articles, resumes, cover and other professional letters, presentation materials, and speeches. Angela also has experience in scriptwriting and film production. She is a wide and enthusiastic reader and intends to write her own book someday. 


Cornell University

BS, Counseling

Mary McNally

Hello. My name is Mary Alyssa McNally. I am a career consultant and editor with over 20 years of experience. My areas of expertise include English composition, arts and entertainment, engineering, design, health industry, advertising, marketing and education. I hold a BS from Cornell University in counseling.

I have enjoyed working with students at Stanford University and at Cornell University who were from many different countries. I look forward to assisting you with your writing and interviewing needs.


University of California-Berkeley

BA, English

Crystal Paz

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Crystal Paz is a UC Berkeley graduate currently located in Los Angeles. Armed with a B.A. in English, her penchant for grammar and punctuation will help any ESL student in want of an outstanding paper.

Crystal’s background in writing allows her the insight necessary to cater to each students’ essays, and with versatility she will be able to skillfully adapt any individual's needs and ideas according to their personal tone.

In her spare time you can find Crystal either working out at the gym, deep in an effort to relive her glory days as a collegiate gymnast, or curled up outside a café reading a copy of The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats.


University of California-Los Angeles

BA, English

Judy Lessin

My name is Judy. I am a professional writer and editor with more than 20 years’ experience working for both print magazines and online publications. I’ve covered topics ranging from computer technology to the beauty industry. I take great pleasure in helping others express their ideas clearly and effectively. As an editor, I focus not just on perfect grammar but also on ease of reading and overall flow.

I studied English literature at UCLA and graduated with honors. As a student, I attempted to learn several foreign languages, but never became proficient. As a result, I admire those who are willing to study and work in a non-native language and will do my best to help them succeed.


Dartmouth College

BA, Philosophy

Jacob Bourne

Jacob built a strong foundation in writing and editing at Dartmouth College where he received rigorous training writing essays on topics such as linguistics, paradoxes, and metaphysics.  A wordsmith by temperament, he is adept at writing across formats and on a truly wide range of subjects.  Since graduation, he has worked as a tutor and provided writing and editing services to non-profits, businesses, and private individuals.  In addition to language arts, one of his passions in life is helping others overcome challenges so that they can reach their full potential.  

Stanford University

BA, English

James Flint

I graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in English and my focus was creative writing.  I spent a good portion of my time in school writing fictional short stories and screenplays.  Since graduation, I’ve worked as a copywriter for a network of eCommerce websites, a salesman for various comedy clubs, and a health insurance navigator for a healthcare start-up.  I also freelance as a writer in my spare time.  My specialties are cover letters and editing/proofreading.  Along my journey, I have simplified and honed my writing skills to fit many styles.  I have also trained my eyes to pick up on any inconsistencies or errors.

Emory University

Master of Public Health

Nila Daniels

I am a writer, ESL tutor, and graduate of Emory University. I have had an insatiable appetite for the English language since the age of five when I became transfixed by fiction, especially science fiction, and travel magazines. I combined these interests by working in an international research lab in South America, spending a summer kayaking and camping as an intern for the USDA Forest Service, and refining my laboratory skills at the National Institutes of Health. I like to help my students find their voice and showcase their skills. I enjoy helping students in English, Science, and Statistics.

Vanderbilt University

BA, American History

BA, East Asian Studies

Thomas Broderick

Thomas Broderick is a professional writer and editor living in Northern California. As a teenager he was one of the first students in Tennessee to earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma. He then attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where he graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in East Asian Studies and American History. Besides writing for work, Thomas is an avid writer of short stories. Since 2012, his stories have appeared in many U.S. and U.K. publications. In September 2016 he became an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Brown University

MA, Creative Writing

Dartmouth College

BA, Creative Writing

Marc Capobianco

I have completed degrees in Creative Writing from both Dartmouth and Brown. I have most recently served as Lead Copywriter for Hirsch Capital, the Venture Capital arm of Hyundai. Before assuming this position, I was writing new business copy for both Digital Brewing and AdBrite while crafting Web content for Real Branding and for Avenue A|Razorfish. Over the prior two years, I wrote copy and designed print & electronic media as the Communications Manager for MedicAlert, a worldwide healthcare service.