Top 100 文书导师


Dartmouth College

BA, Philosophy

Jacob Bourne

Jacob built a strong foundation in writing and editing at Dartmouth College where he received rigorous training writing essays on topics such as linguistics, paradoxes, and metaphysics.  A wordsmith by temperament, he is adept at writing across formats and on a truly wide range of subjects.  Since graduation, he has worked as a tutor and provided writing and editing services to non-profits, businesses, and private individuals.  In addition to language arts, one of his passions in life is helping others overcome challenges so that they can reach their full potential.  

Based in San Francisco, California, Jacob currently works as a freelance writer and editor.  He believes that every new day offers an opportunity to reach a higher level of excellence.  This perspective greatly influences his work where he strives to bridge the gap between the world of ideas and the language of expression.  Jacob looks forward to assisting new clients with the art of writing.


Emory University

Master of Public Health

Nila Daniels

I am a writer, ESL tutor, and graduate of Emory University. I have had an insatiable appetite for the English language since the age of five when I became transfixed by fiction, especially science fiction, and travel magazines. I combined these interests by working in an international research lab in South America, spending a summer kayaking and camping as an intern for the USDA Forest Service, and refining my laboratory skills at the National Institutes of Health. I like to help my students find their voice and showcase their skills. I enjoy helping students in English, Science, and Statistics.

New York University

MS, Public Relation and Corporate Communication

Stacy Chavis

As a news and pop-culture enthusiast, Stacy Chavis is a critical thinker with a wide-ranging background in media, marketing and communications.  With a passion for writing, Stacy enjoys engaging audiences, managing key relationships, while developing and executing key strategies. She's worked for Bloomberg News, CNN, BET, Sports Illustrated and currently for the media giant Viacom in Advertising Sales Operations.

Stacy, a Texas native, holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications – Broadcast Journalism from Texas State University, and a Master of Science degree from New York University in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. She currently resides in New York City.


Texas A&M University

BS, Industrial Distribution and Engineering Technology

Benjamin Findeisen

Benjamin graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Industrial Distribution and Engineering Technology. During college he spent time studying abroad in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou, and Tianjin collaborating with teams on global research projects. Currently, he is an active business professional working daily with diverse cross functional teams in China, Singapore, and India.

Benjamin is passionate about international education with several years of experience as a tutor and mentor. He has an innate ability to edify others on challenging topics with concise, clear instruction. Over the years, Benjamin has gained extensive knowledge in technical writing at the university level and various skills applicable to creative essay writing. He has generated writing content for small businesses, crowdfunding campaigns, and consulting research clients.

State University of New York

MA, Liberal Arts

Courtney Johannesen

Courtney has a Masters degree and teaches ESL classes.  She has held various roles working with college students.  She has helped students develop and revise their essays, writing sample, personal statements, and resumes.  She worked as a Writing Center Consultant, where she supported ESL students and native English speakers in improving their writing skills.  Known for her encouraging comments and thorough editing, she enjoys working with students and supporting students in meeting their goals.  Courtney lives in New York state with her husband and spends her time practicing yoga.  She looks forward to working with you and helping you improve your English writing skills.


Rutgers University

BA, Psychology and Theatre Arts

Leah Sugerman

Leah Sugerman is a writer and editor who is passionate about sharing her love of words. When Leah is not writing or editing, she plays with words on the stage while acting or teaching in her yoga classes. Leah is also a passionate world traveler exploring and integrating with different cultures to learn even more words in many languages!

Brown University

MA, Creative Writing

Dartmouth College

BA, Creative Writing

Marc Capobianco

I have completed degrees in Creative Writing from both Dartmouth and Brown. I have most recently served as Lead Copywriter for Hirsch Capital, the Venture Capital arm of Hyundai. Before assuming this position, I was writing new business copy for both Digital Brewing and AdBrite while crafting Web content for Real Branding and for Avenue A|Razorfish. Over the prior two years, I wrote copy and designed print & electronic media as the Communications Manager for MedicAlert, a worldwide healthcare service.


Georgetown University

MA, Latin American Studies

Melinda Lewis

Melinda Lewis has taught English as a Second Language to children and adults for three years in the United States and Europe. In addition, she has written hundreds of blogposts and has been the editor for an entertainment blog.  In this capacity, she was responsible for researching, writing, curating, editing and publishing engaging content to a global audience on a regular basis.  Her areas of expertise include travel, entertainment, marketing and international business.  She speaks fluent English and Spanish with an intermediate understanding of French.

University of Southern California

BS, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies

BA, English

Ari Fard

Hey, my name is Ari, and I professionally write, edit, and proofread. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Southern California with a dual degree-- English and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies -- from the prominent University of Southern California. I'm currently a graduate student in pursuit of yet another expensive piece of paper. I take great pride in writing and work tirelessly to make sure my clients ooze with joy upon receiving their project. My experiences as a young editor and columnist throughout several Los Angeles newspapers highlight my obsession for excellence toward writing, editing, proofreading and anything that converts to print. From ghostwriting for CNN and Al-Jazeera America to editing Ph.D. abstracts, I'm sure that anything you present we can perfect!


Syracuse University

MA, English

Peter Johnsmeyer

Peter has worked as a professional writer and editor with a major textbook publisher in New York City since 2014. He has written, edited, and designed educational materials that are currently in use in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the United States. Before moving to New York, he earned his M.A. at Syracuse University, where he taught writing classes and worked as a writing and editing consultant for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines. Peter's educational and professional background has nurtured an exceptional command of the English language, allowing him to return pieces of writing with clear and helpful comments in a very short timeframe.

University of Michigan

BA, English

Michelle Wang

Michelle is a graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in English Language & Literature. She works seasonally as a U.S. adventure tour guide. Clearly, a lover of travel, she also enjoys reading and writing in her spare time. 


Author, The Penguin Dictionary of American English Usage and Style

City University of New York

BA in Liberal Arts

Paul W. Lovinger

To plunge into a foreign culture and seek to master its language is a brave and admirable undertaking.

English is a challenging language to learn, with a bewildering abundance of words and a grammar that puzzles even many native speakers. Unlike Chinese, it has an alphabet -- just 26 letters to represent all of its sounds -- but its spelling is often irregular. Yet lots of people born to other tongues have mastered it and found it worth the effort. English comes closer to an international medium of communication than any other language.

I hope to help you improve your writing in English, especially the American variety. My preparation for that role includes creation of The Penguin Dictionary of American English Usage and Style, two decades as a newspaper journalist, and copy-editing experience, both in the press and in serving private clients. Shall we go to work?


University of Manchester

BA in Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies.

Sam Katterfield

Sam graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA in Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies. A good amount of degree time was spent writing essays long into the night, using source material written in languages other than English.

Sam has spent the last few years crafting content for large e-commerce companies, such as and Groupon, as well as working in Student Services at London Metropolitan University, assisting both undergrad and post grad students from around the world.

Recently Sam has also been reviewing and editing the essays of MA students at King's College London in a variety of subjects, as well as carrying out freelance commercial translations.


Ohio State University

BA, English and Film Studies

Steven Sikes-Gilbert

Based in Columbus, Ohio, my experiences as a writer encompass a wide variety of styles. I have over seven years of professional copywriting and web content writing experience, and majoring in both English and Film Studies at Ohio State University has provided me with a high level of proficiency in topical writing of all types.

I can adeptly assist young writers in grammatical and technical aspects of writing, while offering advice on structural and topical facets, too. My professional background lends itself to helping out with job interviews, resumes, and cover letters. From editing and writing assistance to professional advice and guidance, I am here to help out in any way I can.


Indiana University

Master of Public Health

Kristina Mullis 

Kristina is a traveling military spouse passionate about writing, editing, health and communications. She earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's in public health from Indiana University and has a variety of experience in writing, editing and public relations. Her biggest strengths are organizing essays, transition sentences and crafting the perfect introduction and conclusion - and she's ready to help you succeed!


University of Texas At Austin

BS, Film

Diana Abousaleh

Diana is a film graduate from the University of Texas at Austin.  She has extensive content writing and editing experience. Co-managing a college newspaper as a student served as the foundation to hone her eye for detail and command for grammar. Currently, she wears many hats: she works as a writing/ ESL tutor, as well as a freelance social media specialist, all the while trying to juggle the time to write her scripts. She is a firm believer in helping students improve their writing skills without altering the voice of the essay. Thus, she always does her best tohelp students improve their academic and/or college application essays.An amazing essay can go a long way, and Diana is happy to help you create such essays.  In her spare time, Diana loves to focus on her film projects, hang out with friends, volunteer and watch foreign films. 

McGill University

BA, Literature

Mark Lepage

Mark Lepage is a veteran newspaper and magazine writer with extensive experience analyzing popular culture, music, film and politics. He has interviewed a who’s who of the rock world (Bono, Madonna, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Prince, Lou Reed) as well as the leading lights of film (Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep) and literature. 

He has been published internationally in periodicals and newspapers ranging from SPIN magazine, En Route, Maclean's Magazine and Details to the Globe and Mail, the New York Daily News, the Montreal Gazette, the Toronto Star and the National (Abu Dhabi) as well as websites including, and served as Colored Gemstone Editor for Rapaport Magazine. He has also written for and consulted on a number of books including 2000 Reasons To Hate The Millennium and Remembering Guy Lafleur. As a natural outgrowth of this, he is also an experienced editor and proofreader, having handled deadline news, books, theses and websites. 


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

BA, English

Victoria Robertson

Victoria graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts in English and has since continued freelance writing and editing as well as working in recruitment for an online writing platform called Uloop News and in marketing for a startup company called Myndbee Inc. She is a quick worker, dedicated to perfection and is always looking for a new opportunity to improve others' writing skills, as well as her own.  


Australian National University

MA, International Law

BA, Commerce and Law

Ross Townson

Ross is a highly experienced writer and editor, having worked in a variety of high-profile positions in private industry and the Australian Federal Government.  A qualified lawyer, Ross holds Bachelor's degrees in Commerce (Finance/International Business) and Law, as well as a Master's degree in International Law, from the Australian National University (Australia's highest-ranked university).  He has also taught at the Australian National University in the field of Administrative Law.

Throughout his career working for the Australian Government, Ross has been responsible for innumerable high-level and technical writing tasks, including writing statements and speeches for the Commonwealth Attorney-General, drafting legislation and complex legal documentation. Ross has also directly contributed to international declarations and pronouncements of multilateral bodies including the United Nations General Assembly and the G20 (crafting language for the final leaders' Communique).

University of Leeds

Master of Business Administration

University of London

BS, Human Resource Management

Keith Underhill

I'm a full time graduate-level academic writer based in California. I hold a Bsc in Human Resource Management and an MBA from two top universities in the UK and USA. My experience in academic writing as a part-time profession spans several years (10 + years). Recently however, I have started academic writing as a full time career.  This is due to the flexibility it accords me and the joy of earning while learning. I can tackle projects from various academic disciplines using client's exact instructions. I'm an organized individual with strong work ethics. I always keep deadlines. MBA and Marketing papers are my forte. I can write and edit papers in APA, MLA, Harvard, Tarubian and Bluebook.

Freie Universitaet Berlin

MA, Comparative Literature

McGill University

BA, English/Cultural Studies

Alison Kilian

I am a communications professional with 5+ years of experience as a writer and editor. With a dedication to high-quality content, I bring excellent writing skills and a detail-oriented editorial eye to my projects. I have worked in many different countries and am accustomed to editing texts from non-native English speakers. I was born in the United States to German parents; completed my BA in Canada and my MA in Germany; and since then I have lived and worked in Berlin, Brussels and Vienna. My international background allows me to work easily with people from different countries and cultures, and effective cross-cultural communication is a passion of mine.


City University London

Law (LLB)

Craig Debrah

Craig was born and raised in London, UK. He graduated from City University London with a degree in law (LLB) with a grade of 2:1. He is now a freelance writer and editor of his own website,, which deals with and talks about social and cultural issues from the perspective of millennials. Craig has been published at,, amongst other websites. Craig has also taught English as a Second Language at Summer Camps across the North of Italy. Craig is also fluent in French and Italian and is currently learning Spanish.


University of Bradford

BS, Biomedical

Girish Malhotra

Hello, my name is GirishMalhotra. I'm from the UK but I currently live in Japan. I studied CancerPharmacology at university and now I help people with their English here. I have had a lot ofexperience helping my international friends at university with their assignments and having writtenmany of my own in my time I've learnt many things about what you need to write a really brilliantessay. Aside from science I love to make music, learn languages and travel as much as I can. I lookforward to using these skills and experiences with your work, so you can have all the success you want.


Pennsylvania State University

BS,Criminal Justice,

​BS,Business Administration/Information Systems

Carol Lutzkanin

Greetings! My name is Carol, and I'm a skilled proofreader/editor with an excellent command of the English language, ensuring accurate punctuation, grammar, spelling, consistency, clarity, format and overall cohesiveness.  My experience includes writing, editing and/or proofreading professional biographies and articles, websites, SEO pages, resumes, blogs, business policies, plans and guidelines, technical documentation, and instructional end-user manuals.

I have Bachelor's degrees in both Criminal Justice and Business Administration/Information Systems, along with work experience that has spanned various professions, all of which utilized my proofreading and editing skills.  In addition, I have a very strong proficiency with the use of computers and software technology including Microsoft Office, database applications, and internet research.


University of Illinois

BA, English

Ella Vincent

I have experience writing and editing engaging articles, conducting research, editing, proofreading, and brand building online as a Chicago writer and editor.  I also have years of experience editing academic articles and essays. 


University of California-Riverside

BA, Creative Writing

Evan Brown

Hello, my name is Evan Brown and I am proud to be a contributing editor for ApplyUniv. In 2012, I graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a B.A. in Creative Writing. For the last two years I have been engaged in numerous freelance writing jobs, ranging from content creation for film prom otions to ghost writing blogs for marketing firms. Polished writing in any language is profoundly important when it comes to expression and this has been proven through thousands of years of art, religion, literature, philosophy, and politics. In order to effectively express ideas, the basics of grammar and spelling are tantamount, and I am happy to be as helpful as possible in that regard.​ 


University of New Brunswick

MEd, Excepitional Learners

Stephanie Lindsay

I am an educator with a diverse teaching background, including teaching English as a Second Language. I offer a great deal of experience with academic writing and editing. I have a Master's degree in Education with a focus on teaching literacy. I have conducted several large research projects and have written two literature reviews. I excel at academic writing and also enjoy it a great deal. I would be very pleased to share my expertise with you. I am extremely professional and will work diligently to ensure that your writing is clear, concise and error free.


McGill University

BA, Political Studies

Madison Smith

Hi, my name is Madison Smith. I went to Mcgill University (the Harvard of Canada) and earned a bachelor's degree in political science with a double minor in philosophy and religious studies. I have quite a bit of college writing experience from my time at university. I also have experience  working to improve the writing of ESL students at an SAT camp. After graduating, I began working as a freelance writer/editor, publishing stories about a wide variety of topics. Because of my professional experience, I am able to write and edit pieces about many topics, including those that I didn’t study in school. I should be able to meet any of your editing and writing help needs.



State University of New York-Baffalo

MA, Library Studies

University of Rochester

BA, History and Religion

Chelsea DeGlopper

Chelsea DeGlopper is an academic librarian and university instructor in New York, NY. She has a Bachelor of Arts in history and religion from the University of Rochester and a Master of Library Science degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Chelsea teaches research and academic writing to a diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students at a private NYC university. In addition to college composition classes, she teaches a course in professional written and oral communication skills for international MBA students. Chelsea is experienced and enthusiastic in guiding students in both mastering English-language writing skills and navigating the American higher education system.


Temple University

BA, Media Studies and Production

Isadora Teich

Isadora Teich is a freelance writer and graduate of Temple University with a BA in Media Studies and Production. She has studied media in the UK and travelled extensively within the US and China. Throughout college she worked editing student papers. Isadora is a journalist, editor, copywriter, and caption writer. She contributes to several news, pop culture, and satirical sites across the web. She is an avid social media geek and blogger who writes screenplays in her spare time. She is a passionate writer who learned to read and write at the age of two. Isadora is an expert writer and editor with several years of experience in the field. 


Framingham University

MEd, International Teaching

Elsie Croal

Elsie graduated first from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, with a B. Sc. and later proceeded to Canada where she completed her first Master's degree at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  

Later she changed professions and proceeded to graduate from Framingham University, Massachusetts with another Master's degree, this time in Education, with a major in International Teaching.

During the past fourteen years she has trained numerous adults in various subject areas while participating in a World Bank funded project on Poverty Reduction. She has also experienced both working with and training persons from areas where English is spoken only as a second language and developed techniques for helping with the problems that could arise by some persons while trying to understand the sometimes complex use of language by native English speakers.