Eric Segal

Eric Segal is a 2005 graduate of Stanford University, where he studied mathematics (B.S.) and philosophy (B.A.). He later attended the Colorado School of Mines, earning an M.S. in Energy Economics in 2012 and receiving special recognition for outstanding performance. As evidenced by his educational background, Eric's interests and knowledge span a variety of subjects. His professional background is also wide-ranging, and includes experience as a legal assistant, research assistant, and management consultant. In these roles and others, his excellent written and spoken communication skills contributed greatly to his success. Eric recognizes that learning to speak a foreign language is difficult, and that learning to write in a foreign language can be even more challenging. He believes, however, that the reward is well worth the effort. Strong language proficiency enhances critical thinking skills and improves one's ability to clearly articulate thoughts, both to oneself and to others. For these reasons, he has worked diligently to improve his own communication skills, and he is excited about the opportunity to help others do the same.

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