Top 30 文书导​师


Stanford University

BS, Mathematics

BA, Philosophy

Eric Segal

Eric Segal is a 2005 graduate of Stanford University, where he studied mathematics (B.S.) and philosophy (B.A.). He later attended the Colorado School of Mines, earning an M.S. in Energy Economics in 2012 and receiving special recognition for outstanding performance. As evidenced by his educational background, Eric's interests and knowledge span a variety of subjects. His professional background is also wide-ranging, and includes experience as a legal assistant, research assistant, and management consultant. In these roles and others, his excellent written and spoken communication skills contributed greatly to his success.

Eric recognizes that learning to speak a foreign language is difficult, and that learning to write in a foreign language can be even more challenging. He believes, however, that the reward is well worth the effort. Strong language proficiency enhances critical thinking skills and improves one's ability to clearly articulate thoughts, both to oneself and to others. For these reasons, he has worked diligently to improve his own communication skills, and he is excited about the opportunity to help others do the same.

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Doctor of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University

Master of Public Health

Sylvie Stacy

Sylvie Stacy is a preventive medicine specialist with experience as a writer and editor for medical education publications, peer-reviewed journal articles, text books, and health & medical website content. She is passionate about improving the delivery of healthcare and preventing disease in patients and populations. Having undergone numerous application processes throughout her training, she has a solid knowledge of how writing can influence one's opportunities as a student and a professional.

When not writing or practicing medicine, Dr. Stacy enjoys the great outdoors, cooking, and spending time with her husband.

Princeton University

Master of Public Administration

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

BA, Political Sciences

BA, Journalism and Mass Communication

Stephen Lassiter

Stephen Lassiter is a Master of Public Affairs (MPA) candidate at Princeton University. His writing and editing experience spans from high school instruction to U.S. politics. In the 2016 campaign cycle he served as the Foreign Policy Director to a U.S. presidential candidate, drafting speeches and Op-Eds placed in national media outlets. From 2011-2014 he served as a Senior Legislative Assistant to a prominent U.S. Congressman, drafting and editing official correspondence and Op-Eds published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN. He also served as a Legislative Correspondent for a U.S. Senator. Prior to working in politics, Stephen taught writing and International Baccalaureate English at a private high school in the Middle East. One of the most rewarding parts of that job was reviewing the college essays of his students who were admitted to top-tier universities including Harvard and Yale.

Yale University

MA, East Asian Studies

Middlebury College

BA, East Asian Studies and Japanese

Tammy Young

Tammy Young is a children's librarian, author, and freelance writer in Connecticut, USA. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies/Japanese from Middlebury College and earned a Master of Arts from Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in East Asian Studies.

Following several years teaching junior high, she moved into the librarian position she holds now, where she continues to coach students in writing and research. After publishing several novels and articles for children under the name Tammy Young Cote, she embarked on a career as a freelance writer and editor, where she puts her experience in writing and publishing to good use for clients all across the globe.

University of Pennsylvania

Master of Business Administration

University of Pennsylvania

BA, Sociology and Psychology

Mary Dungan

Mary Dungan has been a financial writer, editor and supervisory analyst for more than 10 years. She has extensive financial-services industry experience as an international banker, securities analyst, and sales trader. 

Mary attended The University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate and the Wharton School as a graduate student. Her articles have appeared in BusinessWeek online, Asia Times, India Times, and numerous other online business publications and websites. 

North Carolina State University

PhD, Computer Science

MS, Computer Science

Alicia Washington

Dr. Alicia Washington received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. Her research initially began in the area of performance modeling of traffic-groomed optical networks. Over the course of her 11-year career, she this has expanded to include research in computer science education. Dr. Washington has over 15-year experiences in technical and non-technical writing and editing. She is the author of several college-prep books, including “Prepped for Success: What Every Parent Should Know About the College Application Process” and “Stay Prepped: 10 Steps to Succeeding in College (and Having a Ball Doing It)!” She regularly conducts workshops and interviews on college prep planning, financial aid, and successfully navigating the college experience. Her experience with the college admissions process and successfully completing college is based on her experiences as well as those of the students she's taught in over 10 years of experience in higher education. She is a native of North Carolina.


London School of Economics

MS, Global Economic History

University of Wisconsin

BA, Economics and International Relation

Brad Steiner

Brad Steiner has 10 years of experience as an editor, writer, and journalist for academic journals, news magazines, and non-fiction book publishers. Clients and publications include National Geographic,, The German Foreign Ministry, China Economic Review, Global Policy, and The Berlin Journal. He completed undergraduate studies in economics and international relations at the University of Wisconsin. He also holds graduate degrees from Universität Leipzig in Germany and the London School of Economics.

University of Manitoba

PhD, Biochemistry and Medical Genetics

Katherine Dunn

Katherine won more than 20 academic awards and honours at the university level. She completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the University of Manitoba in 1999 and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Medical Genetics in 2007. Her doctoral thesis, focused on aspects of molecular biology in cancer, won the Simon and Sarah Israels Graduate Thesis Prize for the best-written thesis out of the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology.  After winning the Governor General’s Gold Medal for academic achievement at the graduate level in 2007, Katherine moved to Boston, Massachusetts to conduct research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, associated with Harvard Medical School.  During her term there she won highly competitive fellowships from the American Brain Tumor Association and the Canadian Cancer Society to conduct cancer biology research in collaboration with Harvard professors. Katherine has authored 2 book chapters as well as 11 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals. She currently works as a writer and editor.

University of California-Berkeley

Master of Business Administration

Margaret Wong

My academic background includes a B.A. degree in English from a top-ranking college, and an M.B.A. degree in Marketing from the University of California, Berkeley. Although my parents are from Shanghai, I grew up in the U.S., so I speak English like a native. With an excellent command of the English language and very strong writing skills, I have helped many students, especially students from abroad, write better, more polished essays. I would be honored, and very happy, to use my writing and editing skills to help as many students as I can to achieve greater success in their academic careers, and to gain admission to the college of their choice.

University of Oxford


Alice Priestland

Alice Alice I am a recent graduate from Oxford University where I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). Since graduating, I have worked in different women's organisations across Africa in the field of international development, and am currently based in Malawi. As part of my jobs I have written and edited website content, as well as various reports, including one commissioned by the Ghanaian Ministry of Education. I have done some translation work, and have a TEFL qualification, meaning that I understand how difficult it can be to write in a second language, as well as the mistakes which can be made.


Washington and Lee University

BS, Biology

BS, French, Poverty Studies

Stephanie Banning

Stephanie Banning graduated cum laude from Washington and Lee University in 2015 with a BS in Biology and minors in French and Poverty Studies. In college, she participated in multiple extracurricular activities, including the varsity equestrian team, Chi Omega sorority, and Women in Technology and Science. She also completed a public health internship in Uganda in the summer of 2013 and studied literature and art history abroad in Paris, France in 2014.

Currently working in Boston, MA in an HIV research lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Stephanie studies HIV in women. As a private tutor, she has helped students with SAT and college essay preparation for more than seven years; she finds that helping students find their unique voice and achieve their dreams of college is both challenging and rewarding. Stephanie is currently applying to medical school, and hopes to work in women’s international health. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, baking, reading, traveling with friends and family, and playing with her pet rabbit, Oliver. 


University of Massachusetts

Juris Doctor

Northeastern University

BS, International Business/Entrepreneurship

BS, Marketing

Michael Westerman

Michael has had a lifelong passion for writing and editing, both within his academic career and without. With a degree in international business from Northeastern University in Boston, Michael understands the global environment. For many years Michael published comic-books and manga through Americanime Productions, working with a global team of artists, writers, and creators. Following Americanime, Michael worked for 7 years as a writer and editor for many of the globe’s top academic content-producing firms. With a second language of Spanish, he is also highly capable of understanding, and identifying, linguistic anomalies and issues, enabling him to provide you with top-quality content adapted and edited perfectly to the English language. At the current time Michael is studying law, and is here to produce revenue on the side by providing you with top-quality editing services.

Michael Petre

University of Minnesota

Juris Doctor

am a recent law school graduate and would be glad to provide writing and editing help any who choose to ask for it. I studied English and Political Science as an undergraduate, which required extensive written work, including three theses on topics ranging from modern American poetry to the United Nations Environment Programme project in the Sudan. I have refined my writing and editing skills further throughout law school, particularly as a lead editor of Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice. My college degree in Political Science and English and my law degree have given me the knowledge and experience to improve your writing. I hope to hear from you soon!

Midwestern University

Doctor of Pharmacy

University of Michigan

Pre-pharmacy studies

Josephine Hao

I am a clinical pharmacist by training and have worked in the medical field for more than ten years in various settings. Wanting to spend more time with my three young children, I decided to become a freelance editor for students and researchers in the healthcare industry. I have helped many clients prepare graduate theses and dissertations and publish papers in professional journals.

I also love to read, and fantasy/science fiction is my genre of choice. I have a passion for great storytelling which allows me to help authors polish their fiction novels. In addition to helping self-publishing authors, I am contracted with a small publishing company as both a substantive and acquisitions editor. When not editing, I write book reviews for an award-winning fantasy blog based in the United Kingdom.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PhD, American Literature

University of Chicago

MA, English and American Literatures

Philip Kowalski

Philip J. Kowalski holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Arts in English and American literatures, and a Doctor of Philosophy in American Literature. He has taught extensively at the college and university levels, and he has been Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Wake Forest University, Lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Senior Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has also tutored students for the verbal section of the SAT as well as in all subjects for the GED in both English and Spanish. He is also a researcher, writer, and editor for projects that span the disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, and the hard sciences.

Tufts University

MS, Chemical and Biological Engineering

University of Wisconsin

BS, Biochemistry

BS, Economics 

Chad Worley

Chad is an adjunct professor of mathematics and a professional editor. He especially enjoys reworking complex ideas into simpler parts and determining the best order of and connections between those ideas. He also has a keen eye for subject-verb mismatches, pronoun ambiguity, nonparallel structure, misplaced modifiers, and other common mistakes that interfere with the clarity of ideas.

Chad loves learning about new topics, and editing essays from around the world provides him a wealth of perspectives and ideas. Chad's own work focuses on reaction-diffusion systems, evolutionary dynamics, and game theory. He also writes math problems for arithmetic, algebra, statistics, and calculus. For hobbies, Chad enjoys writing computer programs, playing guitar, and cycling.

The University of Georgia

PhD, Psychology

Dave Cornell

Dr.Dave Cornell is a former university professor from the United States, where he taught courses in Psychology, Education, and Human Resources.  

Dr. Cornell can help students with essays and papers, including advanced subjects such as research design and statistics.


University of Florida

BS, Journalism

BS, African Studies

Attiyya Atkins

My name is Attiyya Atkins and I can transform your academic work. I have written and edited personal statements, admission essays, research essays, reports, and dissertations for students in undergraduate and graduate studies from top universities including Columbia University, John Jay College, Hofstra University, Florida International University, University of Florida and others, for more than 10 years. I am an editor, trained journalist, and grammar fanatic. I’ve helped several English as a Second Language students succeed in college. This is because I use a thorough line and content editing system to turn disjointed and unclear writing into concise, easy to read, logical prose. I look forwarding to editing your paper to A+ quality.


Texas A&M University - College Station

BS, Industrial Distribution and Engineering Technology

Benjamin Findeisen

Currently, I am a student adviser at Harvard University and a graduate student living in Cambridge, MA who has experience at multiple levels. I am experienced in undergraduate applications in the field of engineering as well as writing for academia at the graduate level. I am an American who understands nuances in the language and what admission officers are looking for when applying to programs. I believe in writing concisely while still using knowing how to highlight key areas to draw attention that will make an application stand out. Hopefully, I can be of assistance in helping foreign students find their way into universities here in America. In my free time I enjoy creative writing, art, and playing the piano.


Michigan State University

BSN, Nursing

The University of Texas at Austin

MSN, Nursing

Diana Pierini

My name is Diana Pierini and I enjoy reading and editing other people’s writing.  I tutored doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students at The University of Texas from 2007 until I graduated in 2010.  I have continued to tutor students of all ages since that day.  It is a special challenge for me to try to stick closely with your style and intention as we correct errors.  I have been known to go the extra mile in giving tips and strategies to willing writers.  While I specialize in scientific medical writing, I have a wide variety of interests:  natural science, the arts, knitting, and animal husbandry. By the way, rest assured that your work will be completed as soon as possible and returned in a timely fashion. I hope you will allow me to read your writing and give you the best possible feedback.


Fordham University

BA, Journalism

Jonathan Haines

Jon is a developer from New York City who spent some time teaching English in Asia. He is TESL-certified and comes from an education household. While in Asia, he taught at a Korean hagwon for children aged from nine to 15 years old. He even started a debate team within the school, having a handful of older students debate current even topics such as the reunification of Korea and whale hunting. He holds a degree from Fordham University in New York, where he studied Journalism and wrote for several of the school’s publications. In his free time, he also volunteers teaching JavaScript to high schools in the New York City area. 

Wellesley College

BA, Classics, English

Vanderbilt University

MA, Classics (Ancient History)

Sarah Smith

I am a professional educator and writer.  I hold a B.A. in English and Classics (Greek and Latin) from Wellesley College (cum laude, 2010), and I have Masters Degrees in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology form Vanderbilt University and the University of California at Berkeley (earned in 2012 and 2014, respectively).  

In addition to teaching and tutoring, I have been a part-time commercial writer  (in marketing and academic content platforms) since graduate school.  I love writing because it is a rewarding and effective way to deliver any number of messages.  Writing is a window to one's character, and as an editor of student work, I enjoy helping that character shine forth from the page.  Insofar as all humans are unique, good writing is within everyone's reach, and good writing is, after all, a pleasure to read. 

University of Chicago

BA, History

Liz Euller

Liz Euller is a Senior Program Assistant for a non-profit organization in Washington D.C.  She currently provides support, including writing and editing, for studies focused on technology and policy assessments in the energy field. She worked previously for the Environmental Law Institute, The Wilderness Society, the Chicago Botanic Garden and the University of Chicago Survey Lab.  Her academic background is in urban and environmental history and politics with extensive writing and research experience.  She has a B.A. in History with Honors from the University of Chicago.


Columbia University

BA, Creative Writing and English

Theo Papagearge

Theo Papageorge studied Creative Writing and English at Columbia University, where he was trained extensively in the personal essay format. Since graduating, he has helped countless students get accepted into top-tier schools, assisting them with the formulation, drafting, and editing of their application and academic essays. He has also created and revised many other types of written works, including resumes, advertising copy, and even a screenplay.

Harvard University

University of Oxford

BA, English Literature and History

BA, Social Anthropology

Francesca Kennedy

Francesca graduated from Harvard in 2018 with her bachelor's in History & Literature, where she focused on modernist poetry. She spent one year of her four-year degree studying at Oxford, and is therefore well-equipped to advise students on the difference between writing styles that would best suit each educational system. Armed with her personal writing motto, Prose But Not Prosaic, her creative writing has been published in the Harvard Advocate, the oldest arts and literary magazine in the USA, and Oxford's equivalent, the Isis Magazine. A graduate of America's oldest high school, Boston Latin, where she studied Latin for six years, she translated her own version of the Aeneid, competed nationally in Latin quiz bowls, won several prestigious awards including the Columbia Book Prize, and visited twenty-five countries. A voracious essay-reader and editor and currently finishing a novel herself, an early excerpt of which won the H. G. Wells Short Story Competition and was subsequently published in its anthology, she has ample experience weaving together the joys of fiction with the persuasiveness of academic writing. Having just returned from her year at Oxford, where her work was deemed "eye-wateringly impressive" by the head of her college's English department, she looks forward to helping other students put their best foot forward for their chosen colleges. She has been working as an private essayist and tutor for many years, and has helped her clients successfully receive offers from a number of highly selective US and British universities and high schools.

Princeton University

BA, Politics

BA, Creative Writing

Lavinia Liang

Lavinia Liang is a senior at Princeton University studying politics, journalism, and creative writing. She was an editorial intern at Time Inc., where she had the opportunity to report on current issues with TIME magazine’s news desk, as well as an Assistant Editor in fiction at Narrative Magazine. She freelances as a newspaper columnist, and also contributes to campus publications. Much of her academic research focuses on multiculturalism in political theory, cultural policy, and how to talk about race in America. In her free time, she plans arts and entertainment events as a member of student government, and performs slam poetry with her spoken word group on campus.

Yale University

PhD, English Language and Literature

University of Chicago

BA, English

Henry Greene

In addition to holding a PhD in English Language and Literature from an Ivy-League University, Dr. Greene has worked in both academia and publishing. He has edited manuscripts for a major publishing house in New York and worked as an academic writer and editor for more than 10 years. Dr. Greene has years of experience as an academic coach, helping native and international students apply to elite college and universities in the United States. He is an expert in the Common Application essay, as well as the supplemental essays questions that are required by many top-tier schools. Working directly with you to brainstorm, compose, and revise your essays, he can help you present yourself most effectively. 

Joshua Horowitz

University of Pennsylvania

BA, English

Joshua Horowitz recently graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied English. On top of this, he has about 4 years of tutoring experience in a wide range of topics. He currently works in the entertainment industry and has worked with clients such as the NBA. Josh has a strong record of meeting deadlines and will be able to provide edits within just a few hours. He knows the college application process can be a stressful process and is excited to help students hone their craft and get into their top-choice schools.

University of Pennsylvania

BA, Psychology

BA, Sociology

Jennifer Liepin

A former admissions rep at the University of Pennsylvania, her alma mater, Jennifer has continued to support students' journeys through an extensive career in admissions consulting and tutoring for over 15 years. She has edited over 90,000 test prep and admissions essays across her career, and her students have all gained admittance into top 20 schools. More importantly, she keeps in touch with her students post admissions, as she views her role not only as a temporary mentor, but a lifelong advocate of her students.

Lily Soobon Ann

Johns Hopins University

BA, Public Heathy

My name is Lily and I am a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University. I have a variety of interests, but writing is one of my passions; I was able to gain experience as a writer and editor for the International Vaccines Access Center at which I was able to gain technical writing abilities as well! Though I majored in Public Health and have a strong interest for health related fields.

While sculpting your application and essay, I want to help develop your colors without overpowering my own voice by maximizing your strengths. I hope to increase your chances at your one shot at attending an amazing school in the most effective and efficient way possible.